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Additive Manufacturing Consulting Network

We prepare leaders for Additive Manufacturing.

Additive Manufacturing is changing the way organizations design and manufacture products.

Correctly implemented, AM saves impressive amounts of time and money.

AM is a highly complex topic, resulting into demand for professional, 

ideally vendor-independent consulting to help define the correct AM strategy. 

Our group of experts bring together advanced consultants, strategic advisers,

application engineers and software experts from across the world.

All our experts have multiple years of AM business experience. 

Our team is vendor independent…

and have close relationships to the leading hardware and software vendors

in additive manufacturing, 3D-design, printing and topology optimization.

As a customer you can stop searching,

we provide the answers to the questions you have,

around industrial additive manufacturing, around the world.

Industrial Additive Manufacturing

Freedom of design

Additive Manufacturing (AM) gives you the freedom to create shapes with complex geometries with multiple moving parts all in a single print process.
AM is unique, inasmuch it exploits what is effectively impossible to achieve using conventional manufacturing methods, giving the designer opportunities to challenge and create topology enabling enhancement in part performance.
Our team can help your designers and engineers to understand the possibilities and the real value of additive manufacturing by combination of education and cross department workshops.

Manufacturing transformation

Industrial Additive Manufacturing goes far beyond prototyping, it can enable the review and optimization of production processes, setup and production configurations.
Products can be printed as single part, Jigs and fixtures can be produced on demand, robotic performance can be accelerated by light-weight end-of-arm tooling or molds.
Spare part inventory can be digitized allowing the adoption of on-demand production.
Our Application engineers can work with you to identify the AD opportunities within your company.

Business reinvented

With Additive Manufacturing you can rethink the way you produce products, be that locally or across geographic regions worldwide.
The next industrial revolution is happening. The elements of  Industry 4… Big data, Model Simulation, Cloud Technology, Augmented Reality, AM, Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), Artificial Intelligence, Autonomous Robots and Cyber security.
Let our business consultants work with you to see how AM can play its vital part within Industry 4.0 and your business.

Our leading team members

Talents bring ideas, teamwork converts ideas into customer success
Hans-Alfred Breuninger is a management consultant for 35 years. Since 2016 he has been consulting international companies as well as family businesses with a special focus on 3D printing/additive manufacturing. For more than 5 years he also advised the 3D printing market leader Stratasys. His current focus is 3D printing trend scouting and new 3D printing business models. His particular focus is the combination of many years of experience in management consulting and the implementation of new innovative production methods such as 3D printing.

Hans-Alfred Breuninger

Management Consultant
Business Experience: 35 years

Georg Bons is managing partner of Intracon, an independent group of companies focusing on IT training and consulting, with offices in Germany, Spain, the USA and Latin America for more than 25 years. Manufacturers such as HP, Samsung and Stratasys trust in the competence and practical experience of Intracon. In addition to his management activities, Georg Bons is known for his entertaining training courses and lectures, in which he communicates his experience from numerous customer projects in a practical manner. His focus is on additive manufacturing, augmented and virtual reality.

Georg Bons

Business Consultant
Business Experience: 30 years
Georg Schoepf is editor in chief of the most prominent German speaking AM-Magazine “Additive Fertigung” and technical journalist since 10 years. He started his AM-jourey in 1999 in the CAD/CAM and CAE-market. With a proven track record in sales, engineering and a profound knowledge in additive manufacturing industries he is very well known and connected as well at AM-system providers and manufacturing service provider.

Georg Schöpf

Industry Consultant and Technical Journalist
Business Experience: 30 years
Dirk Simon earned his PhD in Polymer Chemistry in Freiburg in 1995. Throughout his career, he has held various leadership positions in product development, marketing & sales, procurement, and innovation management in several chemical industry companies, always with global responsibilities. In 2012, he joined BASF to lead the establishment of the global business unit “3D Printing Solutions.” In 2018, he founded Farsoon Europe GmbH in Stuttgart and was responsible for Farsoon’s European operations in industrial laser sintering of plastic and metal powders.

Dr. Dirk Simon

Industry Consultant
Business Experience: 29 years
Are you also a vendor-independent expert in the world of additive manufacturing with >10 years of experience? Let’s get in contact.

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