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Usually our customer projects start with a management workshop. During this workshop one of the core goals is to ensure a consensus of understanding and focus is reached, highlighting the business potential and challenges across the different business departments. With a focus on maximum business return, we conduct a detailed assessment following the complete life cycle of the product/s and its manufacturing dependencies. The result of the assessment, at the executive report level will validate the business benefit versus the investment and change costs, based on assessment data.

Here some elements evaluated during the assessment phase

Design process (Duration, cycles e.g.)
Product complexity
Engagement of R&D
Production processes (general tasks, assembly/manufacturing process, e.g.)
Production cost (Cost per part, cost for tooling, jigs & fixtures e.g.)
Production volume (demand for personalisation e.g.)
Product distribution process (packaging process, shipment costs e.g.)
Spare part management (storage costs, reproduction process e.g)
Engagement of employees concerning general optimization processes
Product functionality and structure (material specifications, modularity e.g.)